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Time to share my tracks.

2015-01-12 20:49:01 by HeAvEn-SmiLE

Woah, it's been for now 5 years... And I still feel like a newfag.


I mean, I didn't even share anything, So hmyeah, let's do that, shall we.


I'll try to upload at least 1 track per week.


2013-02-26 10:21:55 by HeAvEn-SmiLE

Well, it's been a while.

Oh my, It's been a fuckin' while indeed : there's all my first emo cocksucking poetries.


2010-03-06 06:59:52 by HeAvEn-SmiLE

Lady Earth Is Sleeping
So Humans Beings Can Take
All Ressources :Water,Trees . During
She's Not Awake.

But When Lady Earth Will arise
She Will See Than We
Steal All She Have In front Of Her Eyes.
So She ,By a rage Torrent, Decided Than We will no more Be
On her.


2010-01-22 14:07:36 by HeAvEn-SmiLE

War is For humans Funny
It can reduce a lot the population
Of course,Humans forget what is the word "Mercy"
And instead of this use the word "Explosion"

If Humans disappear
War will vanish
And Smiles will finally forget what's the world "fear"
but this eternal game we can't finish

is called war and will always be

I might be wrong!
I... maybe.. just ... than war will never be again if ... another way......Without killing ...humans...
But no...
Maybe it's the truth...

Oh and I'm not a fuckin' emo


2009-12-21 15:52:20 by HeAvEn-SmiLE

This the men who created Heaven-Smiles Using orphan bodies one of the creator was bored of his collaborator that he decided to pay a visit to him

/* */
By the Way: Joyeux Noël

Heaven-Smiles hate love

2009-12-03 14:44:27 by HeAvEn-SmiLE

Love is the most corrupted feeling
It maybe make you feel Happy,
But only in the beginning
Because love hides the Jealousy

When Love reaches the limits
A delicious Anger is created
So the Love becomes Its
Own War Never Wanted

Love is dangerous for our health
And can make you Dependent
That's why we never have to begin to love someone

Power,selfishness is our only strife to survive in this world

Beautiful Unfair Laws

2009-11-13 12:13:03 by HeAvEn-SmiLE

What a Smile is beautiful...
He only hopes that world they build will be Destroy
And instead of a corrupted world .To Make a new age of revolution
But They Humans will Reduce all Smiles by Their Power
They are the Awful Brightness ,the Lies Maker
They are Unfair Angels
And Smiles will never cross Them
Because They are the rules
Whereas We are just slaves with stupid ideas of peace
They are beautiful as horrible.
And the Powerful will be always the Best.
It Means Human will be always the best.

I'm a "Scysophrenik Smile" And I will Test how Weak I am.
May the god have Mercy....and May He smile to us.
Que Dieu Ait pitié de nous..... et qu'il nous sourit.

Blood Born Liberties

2009-11-09 07:26:16 by HeAvEn-SmiLE

For me
The only way to have more liberty in this world is to make war
for exemple : The French revolution against the monarchy in 1789
A bloody war born and all those dead for a few unfair liberties....

War make chaos but war makes comfort for the capitalist we are
War is our god who sacrifice humans to have 1 liberty
War is our fate we can't escape to this

Even The ONU is useless against what's unfair
The cold War
Vietnam war
Irak War
And the Afghanistan invasion

And all of this for our comfort
We are monsters We are unfair Societies can't deny this
But We we think we'll change the world to make it better
Maybe for us...

Guess who it is?

2009-11-08 15:03:15 by HeAvEn-SmiLE

I'm an asshole,I suck better than you .I'm a Fuckin' Motherfucker (no it's right he doesn't have one xD!!)I'm nothing,I'm a Troll I test you cause this is the only thing i can't do in my freaking life

I'm notanerd1.

what's a peaceful World?

2009-11-08 14:29:52 by HeAvEn-SmiLE

For me If the world get "perfect"(no wars no starving only peace) The pepole would have no emotions no relationship no love no hate : Nothing .The world 'll become silent.

To be Unfair is human To be Jealous is human To make war is human...... and this hate born by positive emotions like love happiness etc.:
If someone becomes rich very rich someone else will kill him to get this money
If a Rich Country is to small to have more cities or etc. they beggin war agaisnt anothr country and people die only for money : Kill makes our comfort
We are the war. We are what we call"to be Unfair".

I'm a Stupid Badass :p
Passez une bonne journée!