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It's been a while indeed Alek! Nice to see you active, and with a game this time!

I will support the game, I can't wait to play it!

Well, it's pretty good, it was as entertaining as Yotam, Oney and the rest of the crew back in the days, I l dig it!

Well i just want to say,great job, the scenar is pretty close than the toriyama stories, the characters respect their personnality and the plot is exciting,that's a rare thing in DBZ cartoons, so i just want to say congrats! Can't wait to see the other one. :)

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Funny as entertaining.


it's not a game for me but an intresting dtory and we are among this story we are in

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It's been a while I didn't come here.

And this was a bad idea, because you sure are getting even better at your compositions!

I'll have to catch up!

phosphorusprocedure responds:

thanks, man

just got my electric guitar restrung, so it's in tune again! yayyy

I don't..

But still.

Good job.

I don't want to make some mambo jambos (I love to say that little phrase) about those reviews, I've already told you what I think, your experiments are always interesting, I really must get inside your musics more often.

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Such an impressing work. I can't even find words.

It has been a great while I didn't check on your stuff since the cartoons you've been making since 2010, Shiet, I'll have to catch up. Really stylistic, and funny comic by the way. :)

You really improved Zero-Insanity, the shadings are well-made, the non-saturated colors give a better immersion with the picture, the character design of the girl is intresting, and makes us want to know more about the picture's situation.

A great and solid work.

Approved by the french Baguette Croissant "hon hon" dude.

ZeroInsanity responds:

Improvement happens when I don't post for literal years.
The only story I have here is that she is a maid that fights other individuals like butlers and valets for dominance over the personal service industry. Or something.

Thank you, though. Thought everyone here was dead.

Quel con ce Pierrot.

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